Esther Randolph, World Renowned Psychic

About Me

Esther Randolph, World Renowned Psychic has been amazing audiences all around the World for the past three years.  Her uncanny talent and ability to describe astrological sign traits leaves people dumbfounded.  Ms. Randolph has filmed herself describing each one of the astrological signs in an exquisite, honest, unimaginable style that can only be described as "Esther Randolph, World Renowned Psychic- ness".  These videos are currently playing on You Tube, Facebook, and Esther's personal blog site.  Her videos are all the rage and are so popular that they are causing fights between signs whom once believed they were compatible.  Ms. Randolph is responsible for causing more break-ups around the World than Angelina Jolie and Dr. Phil combined.   

People can not get enough of Esther Randolph, World Renowned Psychic according to Esther Randolph, World Renowned Psychic, and so, she created a Fan Page on Facebook and now this website to feed the demand of her rabid fans that must see her face at least once a day. 

When Esther is not making the World a better place by sharing her gift with the masses, she is drinking, smoking, and watching reality television.  Ms. Randolph lives in Hollywood, CA with her five cats.